Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jumping up and down and shouting "YAY"

As you can see my blog has had a total makeover and I'm so excited. Thanks to the wonderful team at Catalyst Media here in Bundaberg, in particular, Trudy, Mandie and Bevan, my blog now looks like me.

I'll blog more about the design later. Right now I'm just jumping up and down and shouting "YAY".


Trudy said...

Wendy, so glad your jumping up and down shouting "YAY". : D

You now have a fitting home for all your observations, rants, gushes and interesting tidbits and much more! We have been enjoying reading your posts actually (in between actually working on the web development!)

Wendy said...

Oh I'm so glad if I can provide some light relief to the working day!
I hope you all keep reading and you know I love the beautiful concept and execution of your design Trudy!
You're so talented!!

Jason said...

"I'll blog more about the design later."

nice use of the verb form ;)

Wendy said...


it's my i'll blog all about the blog design in all it's grand blogginess as soon as soon as I'm feeling in a bloggy mood


Andrew said...

it's bloggin brilliant Wendy

Wendy said...

good one Andy

alison said...

w00t! It's very impressive!

djfoobarmatt said...

I like it. The only thing that doesn't make sense to me (just from only having read your blog for a month or two) is the orchid in the test-tube. I see you are tucking into the chocolate cake and the nougat at the same time!

Wendy said...

yes, there is a fair amount of chocolate there! there is the cake and then what I think you have identified as nougat I am calling dark chocolate! Because that's my favourite kind. Still, there is an apple to balance out all the yummy stuff :)
The orchid in a test tube? Hmm well it's pretty. I see it as more of a trendy vase rather than a test tube. And in fact, now you mention it I do have a set of vases in those colours that could be described as test tube inspired in their shape. I didn't think of that at all when Trudy found the vase image. Spooky! I have blogged a bit about my garden (although not so much lately because it's been too hot to go outside and work in it properly and I'm not sure anyone wants to look at pictures of weeds)but I feel that is where the orchid comes from. Also, Trudy was going for homely, slightly retro feel. I like how the green pebbly things blend with the wallpaper background.

(Now I'm going to have to take a photo of those vases I think!)

Catriona said...

I was wondering about the test tube orchids, myself. I thought maybe it was a political statement?


Now I've seen the vases, it makes more sense.

And I love the overall colour scheme--the greens are stunning.

Wendy said...

hmmm...a political statement...on genetically modified orchids? ;-)
that could be interesting...
yes I love the colours is my favourite colour