Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun T-Shirt Friday: dragging my heels but still singing along

I hereby declared it Fun T-Shirt Friday at work today. Of course I was the only one who knew about it so I was the only one in a fun T shirt. In fact I might be the only one who actually owns any fun shirts. So I chose this delightful threadless number because, like poor 10 year old Mozart, I too was dragging my heels slightly. However, it did have the desired effect in making going to work just a little bit funner. (I know that's not a word, but it's Friday, so I'm not really caring).

I teamed the shirt with my black crumply skirt (bargain from Big W) and my red glittery thongs. I was quite the picture of sartorial bargain splendour.

I did however get a headache as the morning wore on, so perhaps I was having too much fun in my t-shirt. Is that even possible? So in honour of that here's a song about a headache just to brighten your day.

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